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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shooting in Conneticut

I cannot watch the news, or even browse the internet because my heart breaks for the kids and others who died in Conneticut.  The profiles of those who died makes me cry.  And if there is anyone who believes that one day it won't be me or you or someone we know while shoping at Target or going to school or sitting in a fast food restaurant, you are wrong.  If could happen anywhere.  And it seems to happen more in small and mid-size towns (like Ventura).  I wonder what I would do.  Would I be brave?  Would I only try to save myself, or would I try to help others?  I really don't know the answer.  I hope I would try to help others.  But again, I just don't know.
Now of course, every other article headline is on gun control.  My belief is that no one at any time should be allowed to carry hand guns except law enforcement WHILE ON DUTY!!!  People hunt and I don't believe that should be taken away.  But there are countries across Europe and Asia where people are allowed to own the types of weapons USED FOR HUNTING ANIMALS.  Not shotguns.  Not handguns, but rifles.  And they have almost no gun violence.  Can someone go crazy with a knife, or an ax or hatchet or even for that matter a baseball bat?  Well yes of course they can.  And they can kill with it.  But when an unbalanced person comes into a room with one of those items, how many more people do you think will be able to get away with their lives?  I would have to say most of them.  And how much easier would it be to stop the person with the "weapon"?  Again, I would have to say much easier.  The NRA and others who say guns don't kill, people do are correct.  It is the gun that kills.  But what they don't say is if the person didn't have access to the gun they either would not kill, or there would be so many fewer deaths.  We have to stop it.  I don't want a gun in my house to protect myself.  Chances are I am either not going to be able to get to it, or it will be used against me, not to save me. 
We need better mental health care and access in this country.  I do believe that.  And making handguns illeagal will NOT stop ALL gun crimes.  But as the guns are seized, the crimes will go down.  It won't be a daily barage of gun violence and mass murders in the news.  Please help me change the laws.  I am going to let my feelings be know to my State Representative, my Congressman and my U.S. senators.  You can do the same.  It has to stop.  How many more 5 and 6 and 7 year olds must dies.  How many more people of all ages must die.  Stop the maddness NOW!!!

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