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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The World as We Know It

The world is falling apart.  The presiential election is just weeks away, and the choices are bad and worse.  I think of the two major canidates, Presient Obama will do the least harm.  Four years ago I thought he would do the most good.  Chilren is schools are saying they are hungry at lunch time because the food sucks.  Well, either eat it or bring lunch.  I understand that when you are on subsidize lunch, your choices are few.  But instead of being greatful for lunch, they are complaining and the teachers are helping them.  OMG if you get hungry enough you will eat.  It is not rotten.  It is not old.  Be thankful that you live in a country that has subsidized lunches.
Reality T.V. is the most popular it has ever been.  We are making people rich for being stupid.  Hmmm, I wonder what is wrong with this country. (I, by the way, don't wathc realty T.V.)  PBS has to have "sponsers" because donations are no longer enough to sustain their programing.  What is wrong with this country.  I see signs of hope.  California's unemployment is down.  Also down are logging jobs, mining jobs and other jobs that waste natural resources.  Could it mean that people are finding alternative, sustainable, energy sources?  I hope so.  We are killing our planet.  Unexploded ordinance from World War II and the cold war lays at the bottom of the oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.  The oil companies ignore it until there is a problem.  These devices include not only regular bombs, but chemical weapons as well.  Instead of ignoring it, maybe we should be cleaning it up. What is wrong with this country. 
I love the USA.  I am VERY PROUD to be an American.  I thank God every day for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me my the virtue of where I was born.  But we can be so much more.  Let us begin now.  Before it is to late for us, our kids and our grandkids.  We can save this country.  We can save this world.  But we also have the power to destroy.  The choice is our and we are running out of time to make the decision!!!

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