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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Do most of us really end up with the one we love.  How many people are in marriages or relationships that are nice, convienent, or easy.  But how many of us truly love someone from the bottom of our very souls.  And if we do, how many times do we not end up with that person because it is wrong in everyone elses eyes. 
Anyhow,, I have not written for awhile because I am so busy with school.  I am behind and it seems like no matter how hard I work I just can't seem to get caught up.  I will keep plugging away though.  It's funny how so people think that whatever problems they have are so much more important than anyone else's.  My world is dogs and a "boyfriend" who demand much of my time.  And yet I manage to take 4 classes.  I have a hard time keeping up but in the end I usually do.  I wish I lived in a house (or duplex) where I had room to move.  I wish I had the teeth to go get a part-time job.  I wish I had all those things I don't have.  But I don't. So my lot is to work with the things I have.  I think that is what we have to do.  And don't bitch and complain to everyone else about how freaking difficult your life is.  So is everyone's elses in it's own way.  So my final words for this blog are" GET OVER IT!!!"

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