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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wow it has been over a month since I have posted.  That is to long.  I don't know who reads this (nor do I care all that much).  I use it as a sort healing tool.  It helps me to get out the anger and hurt I feel so that it does not do me harm.  Because ultimately that is what anger does.  It hurts the person who feels angry. 
We all make choices in life.  Some of them good some of them bad.  And we have to live with them.  Some of them hurt those that we care most deeply about.  It seems the people we hurt the most are the people we love the most.  I don't know why that is.
Anyhow, I read something tonight that hurt me and to be honest it also angered me.  Following is what I wrote in response.  I don't think the person that wrote what I read will ever read this blog.  If they do, I hope that, while they may not agree with it, it will give them cause to thing about the things they say and write.  Words can hurt.  Lies all the more.  You have your version of the truth, and I have mine.  But to hide the things you have to say in place you never expected me to see is not only unkind, but I think it is shameful.  A person cannot defend themselves from that which they do not know they have been accused. 

When you rewrite your history to become the person you want to be, you live a lie. We all make mistakes. We all have our own version of how events unfolded. And, it seems, quiet often the truth is somewhere in the middle. But to lie to make you feel better about yourself and to have people say "oh my all that you went through and what a wonderful person you have become" is wrong on so many levels and can ultimately hurt so many people. It is, I am sure, not what an honest Christian would do.

We cannot change those things that we have done in the past.  We can only change how we proceed from this point forward.  I am comfortable that I have changed for the better.  If others won't or can't see that, it is they who are missing out on so much that I have to give.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas and a Happy, Joyus and Prosperous New Year to EVERYONE!!!

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