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Friday, February 1, 2013

VCCCD English V01A free write

I am supposed to keep a journal of free writing for my english class.  So this is it, I am going to use my blog that no one reads.  And if they do read it that is okay.  Maybe they will learn a little about the path I have been on.  First off I think financial aid is pretty screwed up.  I have talked to people who totally work the system to get the maximum amount of money they can.  They don't give a rats ass about the courses they are taking or the grades they get.  The scary part is that many of these people are the future nurses you may encounter if you ever go to a local hospital. I droped 5 classes. 4 of them 21 years ago and one of them 22 years ago.  I was NOT receiving financial aid at the time. I paid for the classes I took and I lost money for the classes I droped.  The reason I droped them was because I got a full time job at Greens Pest Control and I had two small children that my family had not yet seen fit to usurp my athority with and take away from.  They both lived with me at the time.  So I had to choose between school and making a living since there dad was a piece of crap and paid no child support.
No, 21,22 years later I am being denied financial aid becuase I have completed less than 70 percent of my classes with a D or better.  I was not getting financial aid.  I have taken 11 classes since I droped those classes 21 years ago.  I have gotten an A in 7 of them, an F in one and I am still in 3 of them so I do not have grades.  Yet the placement test I took back them does not count.  What thell.  Why does one thing count from 20 plus years ago but the other does not.  Did I mention I WAS NOT RECEIVING FINANCIAL AID AT THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  this shit sucks.  I should be judged by what I am doing now, not what took place 20 plus years ago when I was NOT RECEIVING FINANCIAL AID. 
It is time for me to go.  I have been here for over four years and I have not been happy for most of them.  I have to admitt that I have not been unhappy, but it is not the same thing as happy.
I don't want to live alone.  I want someone who will take care of me.  I want someone who does not have a tooth ache or a cold or any other ailment every time I have one.  I want to be with someone who can scrape and rinse a plate and take out the trash before it is over flowing in every room.
I am taking english this semester and it is hard.  Harder than I thought it would be.  But I think I will do okay.  I am retaking beginning algebra and I think that will be okay.  I just want to do well in school.  I want to get financial aid so that I can have my teeth fixed and get a job.  I know everything would be okay if I could get a job and go to school part time.  I am going full time right now because no one will hire me.  As soon as I open my mouth the interview is over.  I don't resent or blame these people because honeslty I would havve the same reaction.  Stereo types suck

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